Mga Bagong Misyonero sa Mundong Nakakalimot na sa Diyos!
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Youth Alive!
"We are young, and we are on a mission."
Ang Youth Alive ay naglalayong humubog ng mga kabataang magiging mga bagong Misyonero sa mundong nakakalimot na sa Diyos at tulungan ang mga kabataan na mas ganap na makilala, mahalin at mapaglingkuran ang Diyos.

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"In every period of history, including our own, many young people experience a deep desire for personal relationships marked by truth and solidarity..To set God aside is to... deprive ourselves of fulfilment and joy...I encourage you to strengthen your faith in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

-Pope Benedict XVI, World Youth Day 2011. Madrid, Spain